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    Semi Guided

     Quail Hunts

Sand Hills, Sage Brush, Plumb Thickets and Water make for excellent Quail habitat! If you are a do it yourself type of guy or gal that is something we can appreciate. Bring your gear and you will have access to all of our prime ground! A guide will attend to escort you from field to field as well as give pointers as to where we have been seeing birds. 

$75/Person   *** 4 Person Minimum ***

    Fully Guided Waterfowl Hunts

We will custom suite hunt dates and times to fit your needs. Duck hunting over ponds, Goose hunting over winter wheat and Crane hunting in cut milo is something we are passionate about. Seeing a flock of birds drop there feet and dive into your decoys never gets old. Plan a custom trip or add a morning or afternoon hunt to your deer hunt!

$250/Person   *** 2 Person Minimum ***

Fully Guided    Turkey Hunts

We will Custom Suit hunt dates and times to fit your needs. Our price is Per Bird/ Per Day. Our Turkey Hunts have been 100% Opportunity for the last 5 years.

1 Bird/ 1 Day- $500

2 Birds/ 2 Days- $900

3 Birds/ 3 Days- $1,200

Fully Guided Whitetail & Mule Deer Hunts

We will Custom Suit hunt dates and times to fit your needs. We expect every hunter to kill a 135"+ Mature Trophy Whitetail or 150”+ Mule Deer. Our price is Opportunity Based and 100% Fair Chase!! We have been blessed to maintain a 100% success rate!

4 Day Archery Buck.......

Whitetail- $2,500

Mule Deer- $3,500

4 Day Muzzleloader Buck.....

Whitetail- $2,500

Mule Deer- $3,500

4 Day Rifle Combo.....

Whitetail Buck & Doe- $2,500

Mule Deer Buck & White tail Doe- -$3,500

Day Doe Hunts.....

$150/ Doe